Black and White Floppy Cat

Cats are soft fluffy and furry creatures that a lot of people enjoy. But once you start patting them you are covered in just about as much fur as they are (depending on the season). Shedding is unfortunate side effect but it can be avoided easily with this stuffed toy kitty.

A soft fluffy stuffed toy kitty that any pet or human would love to play with. Light to touch and carry around from place to place without the risk of scratches from the claws of a real cat. Your skin will be safe with this little toy cat.

This toy kitty doesn’t need brushing to keep clean just a quick wash get it nice and fresh for playing again. No shedding of stubborn fur that can be difficult to remove from your clothes or furniture. Save money on trips to the pet groomer too, just whip out any small brush and gently go over this stuffed toy cat’s fur. Even using your bare hands feels great.

Plushy kitty won’t leave yucky fur balls all over your house or gifts of recent hunting expeditions at your doorstep. A rather gross downside to cat ownership but it can be avoided with this stuffed cat. A nice quiet hassle free alternative.

No more surprise visits from an angry neighbor from down the street with a box full of kittens that are now your responsibility. Sure they are cute but having a litter running about under your feet may result in accidents that can be avoided with plushy toy kitties.

So if you want to avoid the downside of owning a real pet but want the upside all the time then this stuffed toy plushy kitty is the right fit for your home or the perfect gift for any cat lover.

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