Pen Reader

Leap into reading, writing and listening with Pen Reader. A fun tool to use anywhere with and compatible book that will teach your child how to read and write with the fun of characterisation of voices as they read. Laugh and share their pride as they progress with Pen Reader.

Pen Reader is a handy system for kids wanting to learn to read, write or just listen to stories being read to them in character voices. This toy is more of an educational tool that can be used at home, in the car or at school. It is easy to carry and the additionally purchased books available make learning so much fun.

With headphones also available for extra purchase it make trips on the plane pleasant for all and will not stop your child from learning anytime and anywhere. Your child can enjoy this system alone, with an adult or with a group of friends sitting in the comfort of the living room or bedroom.

Hours of entertainment and easily updated with the USB cable that parents can store multiple programed stories inside it and your child can access any story anytime with ease. Just follow the instructions included and you will see the progress your child will make using this pen.

Pen Reader is a teacher and voice actor all in one electronic pen that will make learning fun no matter where you are. Collect all the stories available and see your child blossom in their reading and writing skills. Listen to the laughter form your kid as they listen to the stories, the enjoyment and satisfaction of their own progress in leaps and bounds.

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