Light up Circuit Board

Light up Circuit Board is a great system for any kids who likes things that light up and involves electricity especially when they made it. Try out all the projects and when they are all complete you can expand with the other circuit board kits and make something super impressive.

Light up Circuit Board is ideal for kids who are interested in pulling things apart to see how they work, put them back together easily and pull them apart again. With the instruction book there is no forgetting where things were before and where they go now.

Included in this kit is brightly coloured optical attachments that glow in the dark that make your kid’s project looks like a mini disco in their room. They can play some tunes via your phone and light up the room in neon colours. Just don’t put it on the floor where the others are dancing.

Any kid or adult that is interested in science will find this kit easy to use and you can combine it with the other kits in the series for super massive audio and visual projects, just wait and see what electronic magic your child will want to show you.

Light up Circuit Board has is suited for any kid interested in science, engineering, electronics or disc jockeying a good start. A kid that can mix or fix is a handy one to have especially in the future as it all becomes more digital and the older generation is catching up.

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Light up Circuit Board
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