Green Kid and Pup Safety Sign

Green Kid and Pup Safety Sign is an attractive safety sign for drivers to be aware of kids and pets. Made to be placed in suburban areas that have streets with lots of children and pets. Brightly coloured with reflective stickers there is no way any driver is going to miss this sign.

Green Kid and Pup Safety Sign is a lifesaving device that anyone can place in their yard. Easy to put together with the two green parts interlocking, the flag in the hand and the reflective labels. This sign is easily seen a great distance away to make drivers aware of the kid and pet sized traffic in suburban back streets.

The entire set is bright and light enough for anyone to carry around in its prefilled stage. What this means is the inside of the base is fillable with water or sand to keep the sign steady if the weather turns windy or is accidentally knocked over. Some parents have poured concrete inside to deter thieves in their area with some great success.

Green Kid and Pup Safety Sign is ideal if you work or live in areas where there are lots of car traffic and children and or pets are running about. It is attractive for any yard in its mainly green colour scheme and is pleasing to the eye for children and pets to use and play with. Bring it in after each use so the neighbourhood and its visitors don’t become desensitized to it meaning when it is out people will notice it right away if you use it regularly.

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