Colorful Music Set

Colorful Music Set encourages your child in creativity of the audio kind and to make up songs for your and your family. Record their attempts and when they become famous musicians you have their first attempts to show the world. Not to embarrass them but to show everyone that they have talent from the very beginning. Crash, bang, ting!

Colorful Music Set will help your child enjoy the amazing audio effect that is music. Shaking and banging things to make sounds and putting it all together is the essence of music. Crash, bang ta da! And your child will ask that you thought of their song.

These instruments will save your pots, pans and wooden spoons from going missing or breaking while you prepare lunch for your child. Encourage them to experiment with loud and soft sounds make up lyrics to their music. Maybe even record them for future viewing for when they are older and they have made their own band or joined one. Add it to their musical resume.

Gather a small group of your child’s friends in the back yard and watch them all rock out to the music they create. If you have an artistic flair you could design a music video for them and share with the rest of the family. Another side gig for yourself, manager of the youngest rock group in your area. Imagine the gigs.

Colorful Music Set is good for single player or multiplayer but multiplayer is more fun and easier to write music with. Nothing like bashing an instrument and hearing it make a noise no matter the sound. A feeling of pride in your child, they will be thinking that I made that noise, do you like it?

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