Rainbows Bears Kit

Rainbow Bears Kit, a brightly coloured kit with a dice, scissor scooper, drinkable cups, tote bag, storage cup and adorable little plastic rainbow coloured bears! Make up games and practice math with these little buddies and see your child thrive in learning and fun.

Rainbow Bears Kit is so brightly colourful that your child will not want to put it down. With lots of cute bears is their favourite colours your kid will love to sort and mix up the bears in the cups to hear them rattle around inside.

These are great counting toys and matching toys for kids 3 years and up. Make up games of your own with these bears. Set them upright and sit your kids a few steps away and toss the bears into their same colour cups or try to knock down the cups like sideshow alley games.

Roll the dice and put the bears in their homes, scoop them and watch them slide into the cups or bag, organise the bears by amount of each, line them up in alphabetical order of colour names and play hide the bear under cups game. The list is endless.

Rainbow Bears Kit is versatile for any kid and is only limited by their imagination. It can be a single player or group activity anywear with the large tote bag which make it easy for clean up and travel. A bright and easy way to practice math skills at any time. Show these to any kid and see their faces light up when they see the rainbow bears.

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