Math Swamp Game

Math Swamp Game is a math and science game all rolled into one. Complete the game as many times as you like and learn about swamp animals afterwards. See what lives there and how they survive, Maybe plan a trip with the family to a real swamp to see for yourselves.

Math Swamp Game is the cleanest game you can play in a swamp and the most fun. With 4 player bug shaped pieces, 3 dice (one with = and – and 2 with numbers up to 6) and cartoon characters filled board to keep your children interested right up to the end of the game.

The board has short cuts similar to snakes and ladders and it will challenge your kids to solve simple addition and subtraction problems plus the added extra of figuring out if the number is odd or even. Be on hand or play with them to help them with the math questions.

The dice can be used on their own outside the game to practice math so when they play the game again later it will be easier for all involved. The board and bug pieces encourage your child to ask questions about nature and life in the swamp. Start a search of discovery on insects, amphibians, fish and other swamp critters. Maybe extend it to the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.

Math Swamp Game is fun for all and it can be played over and over again so everyone gets a chance to win. Roll the dice and see who wins the first game. Keep tabs afterwards to see who wins the most games and have a weekly game night with the whole family.

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