Egg Count and Match Set

Egg Count and Match Set will help your child count the pegs and holes inside, recognise the printed number and match the bright colours. In an easy to carry case there is enough eggs inside to share will your family when you play together. A quiet game that needs no batteries and has no obnoxious sounds.

Egg Count and Match sets have been around a long time. Most parents have seen one variation or another when they were preschoolers. Their bright colours, holes and peg system makes counting and matching fun. An attractive toy for any age that looks like the real things but brighter.

Far more durable than the real eggs in the fridge, this toy will entertain your child anytime and anywhere with its easy to carry case. A toy that is easily shareable with siblings or friends that can all learn how to count the pegs and match the colours with numbers printed inside too.

Keep the real eggs out of reach for the little one or you may find them climbing the fridge to pull open the shells to see what is inside. Curious minds and hands may not be able to help themselves. It may be fun for them but messy for you. So keep these eggs near your kid and you can bothe pulls these eggs apart safely and there is no mess to clean up.

Egg Count and Match Set is a bright and new design in egg sets that we have all come to know and love. Share the eggs with family and watch everyone match them and place them in the case neatly everytime.

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