Colorful Abacus

Colorful Abacus is the tool every home or school should have. No electric parts, no batteries, no obnoxious sounds this toy is the basic math tool for all. Teach your child addition and subtraction on this colorful and sturdy toy. Even when not used for math just watch your youngest slide the beads along, it is relaxing for anyone to watch. Just try it.

Colorful Abacus is a math tool that has been around for some 3000 years in China as the first calculator invented. Used in basic math systems and flourished throughout the world in various countries and communities.

This colorful toy is useful for most children for sensory skills sliding the brightly colored wooden beads across rods to match them all up to see them move and hear the clack noise they make when they touch. Most parents had seen one at least in their own childhood and played with it in a toy box in an office while waiting for their parents.

The abacus is such a classic toy that it is sturdy in design and materials and is not just a toy but a learning tool. Look in a primary school classrooms and there is bound to be one in there somewhere. That one would have been through so many hands and is still functioning as intended.

Colorful Abacus has a long history and is still useful 3000 years later as a tool to help your child in addition and subtraction, a very basic math skill that everyone must learn. This version on abacus makes it fresh and fun again for your classroom or home, combine it with flash cards and your kids progress will improve in leaps and bounds.

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