Colored Math Cubes

Colored Math Cubes are a bright and colorful tool and toy for your child to play with. Learning about shapes, fine motor skills practice, matching colors and fractions. Building anything they can think of out of these colorful blocks will be a wonderful experience for everyone.

Colored Math Cubes are the building blocks for emerging math skills for primary schoolers. Brightly colored and in a group of 100 (10 pieces of 10 colors) you can build almost anything out these blocks. Build a house, chair, car, table and much more for all your dolls.

Helping your child learn basic math concepts in these lovely colors that are easy to snap together. It will be fun for both of you to solve math problems together as you both learn. Practicing shape names and matching them up is always fun no matter your age. It is very relaxing.

Relive happy memories of your own childhood of playing with snap together cubes and building spaceships and castles with all the pieces. Maybe build the ‘world’s tallest’ single piece tower in your living room and measure it. Will it be taller than the fridge or a grown up?

Because of their strength and durability you could purchase a few bags and build a cubby house outside for the kids, a dog house or an indoor fort for in the bedroom or living room. The list of ideas is endless. Maybe build a man cave for then man in your home or a zen room for yourself.

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Colored Math Cubes
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