Yellow Learning Chair

Yellow Learning Chair helps your child lift, move, talk, stand, sit, sing and read all in one little plastic contraption. Adaptive program based on skill and input this toy chair is a helpful happy looking little toy got your happy little one.

Yellow Learning Chair has an adorable little smiley face that your kids would love to see everyday. A plastic and stable little piece of furniture that children can sit on while they watch their favourite TV show or movie. Imagine your child mimicking one of the other grown ups by sitting in the chair and cheering at the football or falling asleep with their feet up. Get the camera ready.

It features a little hiding spot under the seat for stashing small toys or books to play with while in the chair. A kids ‘TV Remote’ and ‘TV Guide’ are permanent fixtures in the arm rests just like the grown ups chairs in the lounge room.

There are also adaptive musical programs inside the chair that are changeable via a switch in the armrest and the fixed remote. The chair can help your child learn how to sit up in seats of all types and also the most important one in the bathroom.

Teaching your child the ABC’s, sitting down and other songs are one of the many important skills that everyone learns. This chair gives your child a head start by helping them learn to pull themselves up to their feet too. The first steps of independent living in your home can start with the purchase of this toy chair.

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