Twisty Things

Twisty Things, a toy for adults and children who like to bend and twist things in their hands that are multicoloured and multi textured. A light toy to carry anywhere for any occasion to keep big and little hands busy. Mix and match all the variants for easy clickable and unclickable fun.

Twisty Things are just that, things can you can twist in your hands. They come in a few different textures like metallic, fuzzy and smooth plastic plus lots of different colour combinations. Your or your kids will have a hard time leaving them alone.

They are fun to have in your hands twisting around your fingers like big chunky rings or bracelets. Try putting them back in their original position is a fun challenge. Twisting around into circles then over the top may be a little tricky but it is fun to do. Hours of fun for everyone

Easy to travel with while playing or carrying in a bag, these toys are ideal to entertain anyone’s busy hands whether adult or child. Trying to wean the kids off your phone while out just hand them this and they will be too busy to remember what they originally whinged to you for. Focusing on the bright colours and textures of the toy in their hands.

Each Twisty Thing has sections that can be unclicked and mixed together with other ones to create a huge multicoloured and or multi textured Twisty Thing. If your child decides to make a necklace out of it, just unsnap a section and snap it back together. A safe and unusual piece of kids jewelry. No getting stuck, just click and click and it is off.

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