Star Activity Table

Star Activity Table is a fun toy for the whole family, the bringing together of the older family member to play with the youngest seeing them react to the sounds and lights. A family night around the table, music, songs and laughter and it is star shaped!

Star Activity Table will keep your littlest one busy with all the things they can push, touch, flip, tuen and listen to. The top is so full of interactive learning features that the most fidgety of kids won’t be able to keep their hands off it. Push and push buttons, sing songs, lights up and laughter is all you can see and hear with this table.

It comes with removable legs for kids at various stages of moving around whether they have started sitting up, crawling, pulling up or toddling about on their feet. Light and sturdy for moving from room to room and colourful to keep their attention.

This toy is great for increasing fine motor skills with all the plastic buttons, language skills with the nursery rhymes and their understanding of basic cause and effect. Most kids any age will want to push a button to see what it does so this toy encourages interaction with kids of all ages, a very important skill, social.

Star Activity Table is an educational tool for the mind and body and is very attractive to help parents play with their kids. Imagine moments in the living room sitting with your child reacting to all the sounds and lights. Sing with the songs and they babble along too.

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