Snap Tile Train

Snap Tile Train is a rainbow coloured, scientific, engineering and mathematical toy for young kids to explore before they reach school. Fun for the whole family to create many sized cubes and pyramids. Build an ancient civilisation of rainbows.

Snap Tile Train is a magnetic snap together interactive toy that has unlimited visual possibilities. When the triangular and square pieces are in place on the truck and dog style carriers it looks like a small medieval town with lots of churches and pointy roofed houses rolling along.

Collect your little doll figurines and place them inside the ‘buildings’ and take them along for a ride all through the house and yard. With the see through ‘walls’ and ‘roofs’ daylight will shine through for a beautiful leadlight rainbow effect. If playing at night, shine a touch through and see the colours reflect on the walls. Very colourful and pretty.

Connect all the pieces together with your child into a large sphere type construct and hold it up to the window in the sunlight, backyard or lightbulb in your room and slowly rotate it. Dance in the rainbow of colours reflecting all over the place.

This toy helps your child explore colours, advanced math concepts of geometry, shapes, 3D views of two basic shapes (squares and triangles), numbers, and basic science engineering of magnets and their polar effects of positive and negative energy. So much fun for little hands to touch and so safe.

Snap Tile Train can go anywhere and is noise free meaning that no batteries are required and there is peaceful and relaxing playtime for you and your kid. No loud music or voices overshadowing your bonding while playing together or if they play with a sibling or friend.

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