Rainbow Geared Caterpillar

Rainbow Geared Caterpillar is fun to play with because of its interchangeable brightly coloured cogs that click in place and make the bug wriggle along. Pleasing to the eyes and also pleasing for your child to touch.

Rainbow Geared Caterpillar is a brightly coloured interactive toy that your child can touch, twist and lift the pieces from. Each cog is colour matched to the pegs on the bugs body but for extra fun they can be interchanged to any position. The face piece can be placed in the middle or at the end to make a weird butt bug with backwards feet.

The cog pieces are light to pick up and bulky for little hands to hold easily and the peg board is made a stable wood with painted little caterpillar legs. When each piece is placed down on a peg and interlocked, turning any cog will in any direction will make the body ‘wriggle’ along.

Touching and looking at things that are brightly coloured puts a smile on anyone’s face because everyone has a favourite colour and rainbows are awesome to see. They are one of the most beautiful things that nature can create that can be seen by the naked eye.

Rainbow Geared Caterpillar is a colourful and satisfying toy for your child to play with. Watching and hearing each piece perfectly fit together to form a working entity is quite relaxing. Placing all the pieces in or out of order still makes the body of this bug look like it is walking along with a smiling face that spins in circles.

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