Pop up Button Buddies

Pop up Button Buddies is a toy that brings the fun of finding bugs in the garden indoors in a safe and colourful way. Teaching your child to move their fingers and hands in new ways that can make their new friends pop up with a smile every time.

Pop up Button Buddies are colourful little friends for your child to play with at the flick or push of a button. Happy looking little bugs that will help your little one practice fine motor skills and experience cause and effect. A nice little surprise after each pop sound. Push all the buttons and see the bugs raise their little smiles meet your little one each time.

Compact and light to transport from room to room your kid will enjoy reacting to the pop up of these little bugs. Being an upright toy will encourage your child to want to sit up to play with the toy. Simple in design and a classic style that lots of people have experienced which proves that this type of toy works.

Pop up Button Buddies are activated by a flick, turn, slide and push buttons and have silly sounds that will entertain your child over and over again. These buddies are styled after bugs, a caterpillar, snail, butterfly and bee which you can then go on to show your child outside in the garden. They can learn and play at the same time with this toy and you outside. Safe and fun times with bugs inside your home without the sting of a bee or the creepy crawling sensation.

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