Pink Stand up Spinner

Pink Stand up Spinner has some colourful, bright and musical friends that can teach your child to talk, sing and touch while waiting for their breakfast, lunch or dinner at the table or highchair. An entertaining toy for long trips in the car. Keep your ears peeled for your little one’s first words.

Pink Stand up Spinner is a handy toy that the young ones can spin, touch and watch while waiting to be fed in their highchair or seated at the dining table. It will keep them entertained while you quickly rush about the kitchen prepping their food. No grumbling of boredom or hunger when your child is distracted with this toy.

Light to carry and comes with a handy suction cup, this toy is great for traveling as it can stick to a travel tray, be hand held for older kids and stuck on a car window within reach. Your kid will be entertained in the backseat while you drive.

With bright colours, lights and adjustable sound volume you can take this toy to most places like a friends house for meals and your child will remain entertained and entertain the others at the table with their laughter and giggles.Two lots of entertainment at once, what a bargain!

Pink Stand up Spinner can make game night a fun night for all of the family by letting your little one be the host of a lottery night with family friendly prizes and betting tokens. Let your family members place bets and your youngest can spin the spinner and then there is a winner. THe fun and excitement of a winner will be exciting for both baby and the winner. I wonder what prizes your family will plan.

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