Peggy the Hedgehog

Peggy the Hedgehog is a colourful new friend for your child that has a little problem. She wants her colourful quills on display and can’t do them herself. She can help your child learn to count and sort colours as they fix her quills for her. One friend helps another and that is an important social skill for anyone.

Peggy the Hedgehog is a friendly little colourful friend that needs help and your child is the perfect person to help her out. Her quills keep falling out and ending up inside her blue removable covering. She doesn’t mind them in there but would rather show them off because they are so pretty.

Made of soft and easily held plastic your child needs to place them back inside their numbered holes on her back. She doesn’t mind what order the colours go in just as long as they are in place and it is done with the person she trusts, her new friend.

A handy toy to play with as it helps your kid increase their fine motor skills by grabbing the quills and placing them in the holes in top or gathering them all and placing them inside the storage space in the back. No extra baggage or boxes needed to carry this from place to place. Stuff the back with quills, close the lid and your child can pick this toy up in two hands to put it away when asked.

Peggy the Hedgehog will keep kids entertained with her colours, happy smile and fun plastic quills to place in her back through the holes or under her cover. Teaching children to hold items, count, sort and store are fun and important skills in a young kids life. Learn them as early as possible and they will be way ahead of other kids.

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