Operation Classique

Operation is a fun and sometimes frustrating game of testing your reaction of fine motor skills. Try it out, have your skills improved since childhood? There is only one way to find out. Also show it to your child and put them through the rite of passage that is Operation Classique. Maybe they will be better than you were?

Operation has been around a long time and is still popular today with all the original players and new ones who are obsessed with retro 80’s games. Simple to play and containing small parts to remove from the man the game hasn’t changed at all.

A game of fun and a tester of fine motor skills as you try to remove comically fake named body parts in odd shaped holes edged with metal attached to a very very low voltage and a cartoon man. If you touch the sides with the tweezers provided the red lighted nose lights up and a buzz noise is heard.

It can be very tricky to do for children and adults but the excitement of actually removing a part with no buzzing is thrilling because some adults had trouble removing parts as kids without buzzing. Just watch as they zoom around the room in excitement at their achievement when they successfully remove one and no buzz. WOOT!

Operation Classique is the old family favourite that you can now share with your children. Watch them try to remove the parts that stumped you as a kid and them doing it with ease, how proud would you be or would you go back for another go to try your luck. Will you buzz or not, go try it out.

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