Multicoloured Bead Tumbler

Multicoloured Bead Tumbler is so colourful and relaxing to watch all the colours mix together like a rainbow tornado in your child’s hands. Listen to its rain falling sounds is a relaxing experience for your both anytime during the day.

Multicoloured Bead Tumbler is a toy to stimulate your little one’s imagination and the sense of eyesight, hearing and touch. Large and light enough for some kids to hold in one or two hands this tumbler houses many coloured beads inside a see through prism which makes shaking and turning this toy noisy, pretty and fun.

This toy tumbler is similar to the musical instrument called rain sticks which are native instruments to many cultures. They are usually made of hollow cylindrical plants and filled with dried beans or pebbles. When rain sticks are moved the inside makes a sound like rain hitting the ground which also encourages the rains to come and water the crops.

Listening to your little one roll and shake the tumbler in their hands is a soothing sound that grown ups could find rather relaxing. A lot of people use nature sound music to fall asleep at night because the sound of rain falling on the roof has a calming effect.

Multicoloured Bead Tumbler is a toy that is useful and fun for both your and your child. They will be entertained by its shifting colours while you can relax to its rain like sounds throughout the day. You never know, with baby playing with this toy it may start to rain and if rain is needed in your area this could be the purchase that your town needs. Sit a whole lot your towns younger children together with these tumblers and you could have a potential downpour or thunderstorm on your hands.

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