Magnetic Alphabet Bus

Magnetic Alphabet Bus works on any smooth metallic surface to help your child learn and practice the ABC’s. Stick them on any metallic surface and learn anywhere, anytime.

Magnetic Alphabet Bus can do two things for your home, make your fridge or freezer bright and colourful and also teach your child the alphabet with audio examples. Listen to the toy say the letter and a word that starts with that letter then your child repeat it.

You can also teach your kid to spell words with the remaining letters on the fridge surface with magnetic letters and metallic surface. No messy pens or paper all over the floor or room and frustration of crumbled up mostly blank sheets of paper. Just pick up the letter and slide it into place or put it on the bus and listen again. Make a game of thinking up more words that start with the magnetic letter inside the bus, rhyming words and non rhyming words.

Every parent has at one time or another taken photos in front of the fridge or freezer because of its smooth plain background but now you can have a 3D colorful background to all your childs photos. If you are filming they can make background music and learn at the same time.

Magnetic Alphabet Bus is not just for fridges or freezers because of their large flat surface but try using it on the family car. Decorate an outdoor surface and teach the alphabet outside in the yard to your child. Spell words together that are inspired by outdoors stuff.

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