Kids Music Activity Centre

Kids Music Activity Centre is fun for the whole family from the moment it lands on your doorstep. From its construction, baby’s first playtime and all the way through to when that moment comes when your child realises they have outgrown the toy. It is such fun that it will be hard to give it up to the next family but know in your mind that the next family is ready to have a ball with this toy too.

Kids Music Activity Centre is ideal for any kid that likes music and wants to smack things to make sounds. Includes a removable play mat for baby’s tummy times and a removable seat for older kids to stand and use. Colourful and friendly you will find any kid wanting to play with some part of this toy as it is adaptable for most ages. Older siblings will play with the youngest in this set and make great music together.

This toy includes two pianos, drums, guitar, microphone, tambourine, mirror and music note sliders which will keep your little one busy for hours as kids love this toy so much. Just look at their faces when this is all put together so easily and you bring them closer to it, their arms will be outstretched wanting to hit everything at once.

Fun and noisy times are ahead for your family with this toy as it adapts to your child as they grow up. It will be so much fun to watch your child play in this you will wish you were little again so you can play in it too. So the next best thing is to be there with them and share these precious and fun moments together.

Kids Music Activity Centre is so much fun and everyone loves to see the progress your child will make in their verbal, fine motor and gross motor skills sliding along on their little legs and stepping on each key on the keyboard floor mat.

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