Kids Game Cycle

Kids Game Cycle is a fun toy to build your child’s strength, gross motor skills, balance and concentration. Compatible with most tablets that store the gaming environment while they pedal away through lots of characters and worlds available. Let your child travel far and see them spend all the pent up endless energy and sleep it off at night soundly.

Kids Game Cycle is super fun for kids that love to move about and can’t keep still. A perfect little bike to mimic Mum and Dad when they exercise inside on their indoor exercise bikes. With bluetooth compatibility with most tablets and installation of game apps, this bike will wear your kid out by the end of the day which will help them sleep at night.

With the games app installed on your tablet, your child will feel like they are riding all over the gaming world in the immersive game app. Pedalling away will greatly increase their gross motor skills and make their little legs stronger.

Cycling along on this toy will also help build your child’s confidence when they are ready to learn to ride a real bike outside. This could lead to a faster transition from first ride attempt with training wheels to all the way through when they are old enough to ride without the training wheels. It will help them find their centre of balance when riding a bike anytime.

Kids Game Cycle will increase your child’s imagination and storytelling skills as they tell you where the have rode through today and what they have learned. Share their pride when they show you how much their muscles have grown and how strong they have become over a period of time that they have used this toy.

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