Kids Fishing Set

Kids Fishing Set is fun for all the family, take photos of your kids having trips in unusual places and learning all about fish at the same time. See the look of pride when they hook one up and then toss it back to do it again and again.

Kids Fishing Set is a colourful and safe fishing set and has all the same things that a grown up set has plus an extra feature. It comes with a fun activity book for kids learn about fish. Quiet fishing strips are now more educational for your little one.

It includes a dress up fishing vest, tacklebox, worms and funny looking fish that have magnets inside to allow your child to hook them easily. A net is also provided to prevent drops back in the ‘water’. Take photos of your kids catching fish, measuring their size and throwing them back for more catching fun.

Plan trips to the backyard in a wheelbarrow with the green spiky water, pool side (with adult supervision), bedroom with the bed boat, bathtub with lots of bubbly rapids or the living room from the coffee table boat. Lots of opportunities for imagination play, a grown up could be a sea monster and try to catch them and pull them off the ‘boats’. Fun times to be had by all.

Kids Fishing Set will encourage your children to learn about all the different kinds of fish and what they look like. Even watch your favourite fish movie while you fish in the living room. Fishy fun for everyone.

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