Kids First Drill Kit

Kids First Drill Kit help your child learn about colours, numbers and tools along with their sounds and functions. They can follow any of the grown ups around the home and mimic them they fix things and also try to fix things on their own that need upgrading. How exciting and fun to make things better.

Kids First Drill Kit is a brightly coloured drill kit that is safe for kids to use and sings songs to help them learn. Your child can mimic Mum, Dad or even Grandpa when they try to fix the car or anything around the home.

The drill set comes with colourful hammer, spanner, nuts, different shaped drill bits, cards and a big drill. There is also an electronic tray that plays music to teach your child how different tools work, the sounds they make and what they are used for. A hands on fun and educational tool kit for your child to play with.

Tool kits like these are great for the little one in the family that likes to fix stuff or improve items around the home. It encourages imagination play with you and your child. For example you can tell them to go upgrade the coffee table so it can be self cleaning and make the fridge colder.

Kids First Drill Kit will keep your child busy around the home or in the yard by trying to fix things or make them better. You never know this toy could encourage your child to make a career as a mechanic, engineer, doctor, robotic scientist, carpenter, builder, plumber anything that involves tools just like these and keeps their hands safe and their mind learning.

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