Houses with Latches

Houses with Latches have a surprise behind each door. Teach your child how to use latches for safety and in emergencies. A handy and skillful toy that trains fine motor skills and curious minds. Brightly coloured it will suit all homes and kids.

Houses with Latches is a great toy for kids that love to open things and have curious fingers and minds. For little nosey parkers that have to know what’s behind every door and with this toy they can do so safely.

Excellent for training fine motor skills in little hands and kids of all ages will love to play with this too. Brightly coloured houses with brass latches teach kids how to lock and unlock doors in case of emergencies when a grown up cannot get there. Most doors have latched like these and to know how to work them is a skill everyone needs to know.

A quiet and easily carried toy for most kids it is good for long trips as there is no annoying repetitive animatronic voices that would drive most parents mental or distracting while driving. No batteries are needed to run this toy so it is cheaper in the long run than most.

A puzzle board that has all the pieces attached to so there is so searching all over the house, car or calling customer service for replacement pieces. This toy can be played with over and over and over again and still remain entertaining.

Houses with Latches is a toy that can last if well looked after. The latches are easily replaceable with any you can get from a home improvement store. So if it does wear out you can restore it for your future grandchildren.

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