Hand Grabby Tool Set

Hand Grabby Tool Set helps your child practice their fine motor skills for future uses of pens, pencils, paint brushes and scissors the basic tools for creating amazing works of art. Also to assist in your child in handling the basic knife and fork combo at the dining table.

Hand Grabby Tool Set helps your kids handle the trickiest of utensils from tongs, spoons, scissors, knives, forks, scoops and droppers. These tools are the basic of many adult version functioning tools and to master these as young as possible make it easier for your child to focus and concentrate on any task. Whether it uses these sort of moving tools or not.

Brightly coloured your child will want to use them on EVERYTHING including their breakfast, lunch, dinner, garden, sandpit, washing up, fish tank anything that is small and or in a soft environment so be vigilant and wash them often because gosh knows where they have used them.

The more they practice the better they can handle basic cutlery, pens, pencils and paintbrushes. Once the skill has been practiced with these tools you could see an improvement in your kids writing, feeding and painting.

Hand Grabby Tool Set is brightly coloured to keep your child focused and interested. Give them cups or muffin tins to sort and pick up small things into and water in a tub with little floaty toys to scoop. A fun set of tools to practice fine motor skills because using scissors is fun for arts and crafts and these will help your child learn out to them without issues.

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Hand Grabby Tool Set
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