Colorful Alphabet Toy Ice Creams

Colorful Alphabet Toy Ice Creams are fun for kids to play with because they look like every kids favorite food and they are rainbow colored. What kids wouldn’t try to shove it in their mouth? These TOY ice creams will help your child learn the difference between upper and lower case lettering and the names of all the colors in the rainbow.

Colorful Alphabet Toy Ice Creams are handy to teach your child upper and lowercase letters plus color matching. When completed the whole set looks a bright and colorful rainbow. Kids will love to pull them apart and snap them back together.

They look like real ice creams and could also be used in role play as a shop where your child can sell them with some other toys to the grown ups in the shop. A fun little game to play at home or in the yard with their friends.

There is also the use of in class games like give each student an ice cream each and then have them wander around trying to find the other half of their ice cream. Watch them they to match them all up and socialise by asking to see what the other student has. Such fun in the class that will want to do it all over again.

Colorful Alphabet Toy Ice Creams are easy to hold and store in a small bag to take to friends’ houses to play. Just keep them away from the family dog because they can be picked up in their mouth and chewed with or buried in the yard. Younger siblings will probably want to suck on these toys so cleaning is a must. Have fun with these toy ice creams and learn all the colors of the rainbow and letters of the alphabet.

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