Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver is suited for young children as entertainment and to make them feel like they are driving the car with Mum or Dad. A very grown up experience can now be shared with your kids on any vehicular trip.

Backseat Driver is a bright and colourful toy to help young children stay entertained on long trips or at home watching movies with car chases. They can see how a car is controlled and what all the little knobs and sticks that Mum and Dad use when they drive do.

It is also perfect for the not so young know-it-all passenger that insists your driving is all wrong and that they can do better. See the look on their faces when you present this over to them in the backseat, it will be priceless and hilarious. Hopefully they will get the message.

But back to children, this toy may be more suited to young kids but if you have a teen in the house that is ready for their first driving lessons through school, you can whip this out and have the dining chair set up in the lounge room like a car. Place this on their lap and pretend that they are taking a driving lesson. To make this even more enjoyable (if you already have one) place a VR helmet on their head and load up a car game for them. Fun and realistic times ahead.

Now this toy is meant for very young kids, it plays music, lights and mimics real car functionality like lights, indicators and gear shifting. Great for any child wanting to learn manual or automatic transmission as young as possible.

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