Alphabet Ride on Train Set

Alphabet Ride on Train Set is the only toy you will need as it teaches your child letters, numbers, colors, time, songs and how to walk. What more can a parent ask for when it comes to the youngest in the family. Watch in joy as they push, twist, turn and lift all the features on this toy.

Alphabet Ride on Train Set helps your child learn the ABC’s, 100 songs, fine motor skills, colors, numbers and even learn to walk. Including interactive blocks, clock, gears enough to keep the most curious and active kids busy zooming around the room walking on their feet or seated pushing with their feet.

This toy has lots of activities and colors to attract any child to want to play with it all day and it is light to carry from room to room for any adult but your child would rather ride it everywhere.

Kids love to ride on toys as it makes them feel like a grown up being able to move around on their own. This toy will be their first ‘car’ and it is cheaper to run than the real thing, a bonus for you. If you can keep it in good condition for when they are older and they begin to pester your for a car of their own, hand them this toy and see their reaction. Priceless.

But seriously, Alphabet Ride on Train Set is loaded with activities to help children grow up to be their brightest and learning all the ABC’s, songs, numbers and colors this toy has to offer is a great head start for them. Fun, learning and walking all in one toy.

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