ABC and Picture Foam Magnet Set

ABC and Picture Foam Magnet Set is a kit that will keep your child focused on learning the ABC’s. With brightly cartoon images they will play and learn at the same time and will want to do so more often. Play with them and create short sentences with this kit that will make both your and your child laugh together.

ABC and Picture Foam Magnet Set are so much fun for you and your little one to play with, they are a good size for their little hands to hold and are pleasing to the eye. With their cartoon images scattered all over the fridge they become a large colorful artwork that is intractable in your home by everyone.

Just be careful when going through the kitchen because you may find your child sitting on the floor playing with these magnets on the fridge most of the time. Investing in a child safe metallic board that can fit in their lap, small floor space or table and will prevent accidental trips in the kitchen.

You and your kid can use the letters and pictures to make up little stories as a teaching tool or entertainment. Put up short sentences with images on the fridge every other day to give your family a chance to read it and then change it just like episodes on a TV show. Everyone in the house or visits regularly with be waiting for the next episode and will wonder what is going to happen,

ABC and Picture Foam Magnet Set are brightly colored with cartoon images that feature the words on the picture to help your child learn to read. They come in an easy to open gift box and the vowels are colored differently to the consonants to teach your child the different letter group. Who wouldn’t want to read the cartoons first thing in the morning even though they will be on the fridge?

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