Light up Globe

Light up Globe is 3 things in 1, a night light to help your child sleep, a world globe to study with and a constellation map to learn about the stars. Included in this set is a non tippable on/off switch and a mini book for the constellations history and other useful information. This is everything your child or class need to study the world and the stars around them.

Light up Globe is a useful and educational toy globe all in one. It has clearly labelled locations that are readable no matter the size and the night light feature shows the 88 recognised constellations with their name and location over each continent. The mini book included with the set lists each constellations history plus there is also the non-tippable stand with on/off switch makes the globe a handy nightlight to make your child feel safe.

When the globe is turned off you and your child can study the globe with all its cities, countries and continents for hours learning where everything is at the same time as looking up on the internet to learn more about them. Globes are fascinating no matter your age and sometimes you can find places on them that you may have thought were somewhere else.

Turning on the globe at night or in a dark room everyone will want to know what constellations are above their heads at night. This globe will showl you what is up there when someone from Brazil, China, Sweden or even Australia looks up from their location.

Light up Globe is a fun toy that comes with a pre installed LED globe which last longer, are far more durable and 80% more efficient. The light up feature is literally saving your toy world as well as the big one you live in. Wow, cool!

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