Square Activity Table

Square Activity Table is an adaptable toy for a child to grow up with. With three stage programming and detachable and reattachable legs, this table is ideal for your child whether they are crawling, sitting, pulling up or standing. A fun learning toy that lights up and sings a song for you and your family.

Square Activity Table is a floor and standing toy that is suitable for all stages of independent moving from crawling to toddlering about due to the removable and reattachable colourful legs. It is brightly coloured to attract young children to use it to pull up on and learn from all the activities on the top. Hear the voices overlap and create some funny sentences to all who can hear.

This toy table lets your child visit some fun places like a puppy home, a market, the zoo and a farm and they are programmed with over 100 songs and packed with loads of things to push to make it light up too. Your little one will laugh and smile when they use this toy so have your camera ready to catch them because trying to film your child smiling can be tricky when they are always wriggling about. This table will help them stand still for those candid pictures.

Square Activity Table is light to carry from room to room and the detachable legs make for easy storage and taking on trips in the car. You could attach it to the back of the front seat and your child can while you drive. The three stage learning system which is accessible via switch can be set to your child’s abilities as they grow up.

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