Smart Parts Puppy

Smart Parts Puppy can sing songs about all the basics your child needs to know and be there for cuddles anytime they want. A great travel companion that can keep them learning and entertained in the car or plane. Squishy and soft for easy packing and travelling.

Smart Parts Puppy is a happy and colourful friend that has specially labelled places for your child to touch. This puppy plays music that teaches your kid about body parts, letters, counting, shapes, colours and more. Listen to what puppy has to say and your child could repeat it with gusto!

Puppy is ready for play anytime and anywhere with its happy smile and outstretched arms ready to cuddle your child. Puppy’s light up heart plays fun music that your kid will love to listen again and again with each cuddle. Touch the ears and all the paws to hear puppy talk in its happy little voice.

This toy is light, large and cuddly enough for your child to carry everywhere they go and to take on trips in the car. A great bedtime friend to help your child sleep with its soft fluffy fur. Just remember to switch puppy off when your child falls asleep because if they snuggle up too close they may wake to puppy’s happy voice.

Smart Parts Puppy is a happy friend for your child anytime and anywhere with the added bonus of learning all the basics with fun music. They can dance together (with your child’s help) while learning the ABC’s, first words, numbers, colours, shapes, letters and body parts.

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