Robot Playmate

Robot Playmate is a futuristic robot friend that can play, teach and entertain your family any time and anywhere. Play his games on your tablet or phone, see through his eyes, talk to it and it will adapt its programming the more time you spend with it.

Robot Playmate is a futuristic friend your whole family, a futuristic playmate for your kid. An intelligent little AI that will entertain and educate your child with its in built personality and programs. It will entertain everyone and it loves company, it will learn and evolve the more times it spends with your child and the rest of the family.

This little robot has lifting arms, games, speech, cameras to recognise everyone in the house and the room. Safe to leave alone with its scanning technology so there are no falls down the stairs or off verandahs. It has its own toys to play with as well, toy with its own toy, how unusual.

It can connect to tablets and smartphones so you can see what it sees and interect with it s programming and games. Hours of fun for both you and Robot Playmate. A robotic best friend for you child at home at any time when their human best friend is unavailable.

Robot Playmate has an ‘older brother’ who is available for more advanced users like adults. So you can have both robots running around the house which could be very interesting for the family pets already living in your home. Just make sure the family dog (if you have one) doesn’t bury it in the backyard!

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