PJ Mask Catboy Watch: Blue

PJ Mask Catboy Watch: Blue will help your child learn numbers, shapes and interact with games all while pretend playing as Catboy from their favourite TV show, The PJ Masks! A must have toy for any kids who is crazy for these superheroes.

PJ Mask Catboy Watch: Blue is a great toy for any kid that is mad about the PJ Masks and can’t get enough of them. Available in Owlette and Gekko varieties, these watches make your child feel like they are part of the PJ Masks! Into the dark to save the day!

Loaded with lots of features and variants of those features this watch will keep your little one busy. Included in this watch are games, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock and they can change the display with several images to choose from. There are also educational features such as counting, shapes and villains to defeat.

There are also character voices from the show included with the animations. Listen to your child recreate the cartoon character moves around the house with their catchphrases. Super Cat Speed! Zoom! Your child will want to collect all variants of the PJ Mask Watches to be able
‘Change’ into the entire superhero gang.

PJ Mask Catboy Watch: Blue is the superhero sized device that all PJ Mask enthusiasts need to copy the adventures from their favourite TV show. Watch them imagination play with the villians and ‘transform’ from Connor to Catboy before your very eyes.

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