Pink Vet Kit

Pink Vet Kit is a classy and cute little toy puppy kit that your child can carry all by themselves and take wherever they go. They will have a toy dog and learn from the carrier’s songs, lots of new things. Looking after puppy and all her accessories is fun for your child and can lead to a career in animal care.

Pink Vet Kit is a light up, talking, musical pet carrier with an adorable plush puppy that has her own ball, bottle, comb and bowl. A little toy pet that your child can carry everywhere they go and take care of a mess free puppy.

Puppy is very cute and there is no extra costs of dog food, cleaning products, yapping at all hours and need for yard space. This little toy can fit the puppy and all her accessories inside and looks smart with any outfit due to being colourful and bright.

Featuring over 100 different songs, phrases and melodies to keep your kid entertained on long trips with no jumping all over the back seat, slobbering, and needing bathroom breaks every 5 mins. Wait, is that dogs or children (I guess both still do that, hehe). At least kids don’t have fleas regularly. Man, some kids are like dogs. At least together these things will be minimal on those trips.

Pink Vet Kit is cute, lively, musical, colourful, smart just your own child and this toy will make your child smarter with it’s songs and the kids will hopefully stop begging for a real puppy and be happy with this little toy puppy instead. Enjoy this toy and perhaps one day your child may grown up to a vet too.

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