Loads of Words Book

Loads of Words Book helps encourage your child to say their first words and recognise everyday items around the house and outside. Filled with fun characters to listen to and cartoons, Load of Words Book is an easy to carry bilingual verbal tool for your kid to use everyday.

Loads of Words Book teaches your child how to read and sing songs in English and Spanish. All the words are age appropriate and are used everyday so they will learn something in the book and then see it out in the real world. A strong connection from visual toy world to everyday things.

Brightly coloured, filled with fun cartoon characters that speak in two languages and sing songs. Even if your child doesn’t speak any of the other language or very little of it this book will teach them the basics so they can communicate with their Spanish or English speaking friends.

Learning a second language as young as possible is best for your child as their brain absorbs new information easily, like a sponge, before age 14. As adults is harder to retain that knowledge. This book is your child’s first Spanish/English dictionary.

Loads of Words Book will encourage your child to speak and you never know what might be their first word. This toy book will help train your little one on how to say the word, spell it and point out when they see it. Containing child friendly words this toy can help encourage that first word be a family friendly one and not one that an older sibling or adult might have said accidentally.

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