Kids Smartwatch: Pink

Kids Smartwatch: Pink is a kis smartwatch that can keep them entertained and exercised at the same time. Available in different colours and kids level user friendly, this is the smartwatch that every kids will want for their birthday or any other gift giving occasion.

Kids Smartwatch:Pink is a video camera, a still camera, game console, teacher, alarm clock and calendar all in one handy child friendly watch. Your child can take photos, videos, play games and learn to read time anywhere and anytime with this smartwatch.

With this watch your child can record themselves while out with their friends and keep a video diary of their day. No more writing it down in a book like ‘ancient times’ now they can upload the video to a computer with a password protected folder and actually watch their memories instead of reading it and using their minds eye. Just make sure you back it up for them. If they also wish they can upload it to a social media site and share it with other people.

These watches available in pink, blue, camo, black and purple come with the pedometer and a monster catching augmented real world game installed. These encourage your child to exercise outdoors and indoors to keep them moving and the games are interchangeable and upgradeable. There is also parental control to limit the amount of play time so there is no middle of the night gaming under the doona.

Kids Smartwatch: Pink is a toy that your child will never want to remove from their wrist as it makes them feel like a grown up and keep them busy on long car trips.

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