Kids Smartwatch: Blue

Kids Blue Smartwatch is a handy little device to teach your child how to take photos, videos, tell time and time management. Also you might discover that your little one could have photography skills or even film making. Upload the images and videos to find out.

Kids Blue Smartwatch is a fun piece of tech for the kids to wear all day that is user friendly for them to use and will suit all sorts of kids fashion, even the pickiest of fashionistas. Its a smart device of their own and keeps their sticky hands off your phone.

With lots of features to keep them interested and busy with their friends and on their own this watch looks fun and is fun for everyday wear. Excellent for fitness as it has a pedometer to see that they get plenty of movement, a monster catching game, 2 cameras for photos and videos and a dual face of analog and digital to help your child learn to tell the time.

The USB connection makes it easy to recharge and upload photos and videos. Just be prepared for all the up the nose shots of theirs and their friends faces due to it being an on the wrist location. It will be funny to see. You can see all the creative pictures they have taken while out in the yard or park, a possible educational feature as they snap pictures or videos of animals.

A handy item for completing excursion homework for school and to show their teacher what they saw and learned that day. You can set the timer on their watch for bedtimes, homework times or any other time that you can think of.

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