Kids Remote: Green and Silver

Kids Remote in Green and Silver is a handy little toy for kids who like pretend play control things around them, learn their ABC’s, sing songs and nick off with the grown up remote control. Pick up your remote when they have theirs and flick channels with them so they think they are channel surfing.

Kids Remote in Green and Silver will keep the stickiest of fingers of the the TV remote busy. With its bright colours, light up features, songs and speech your child will rather this remote over the real one any day. Bigger and more fun to look at too, a colourful accessory for any living room.

Many grown ups who have a TV or other appliance in the house that has a remote knows the good old game of hide and seek. The game that is fun to play when seeking out people but not when it is dark coloured objects like wallets, keys, phones and remotes.

So deter your child from that ‘fun’ game with this big and brightly coloured toy so it will save you stress of hunting and $ in replacements. This toy will teach your child numbers, songs, letters and words that are used in everyday vocabulary. The more they play with it the better they will get.

A handy toy for entertaining children in the car for long trips due to its hand held size, you child can pretend play by pressing buttons to control things outside. Pretend with them that they paused the cars outside then you stop at the lights, fast forward when other people zoom past and speak another language when they hit the ‘translate’ button.

Imagination play and real play are possible with this toy and it is easy to use for everyone.

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