Kids Remote: Black

Learning new words, numbers and songs through Kids Remote in Black has never been more fun. With its brightly coloured buttons and features your child would rather grab this toy remote than the grown up real one sitting in the lounge room.

Kids Remote in Black is handy to have in the lounge room with the other remotes. Keep them all together to help train your child that the biggest and most colourful remote is theirs to play with and is just as important and useful as the real ones next to it.

This toy remote is brightly coloured that it will be the first one your child grabs when they want to switch on the TV. Make a show of it sometimes by ‘accidentally’ picking this one up yourself if your kid is starting to clue in that this one isn’t the real one. See the look on their faces and over act how silly a mistake it was to grab the wrong remote.

Little ones these days love grown up technology and remotes are the easiest things to grab a hold of so of course hiding them will be a very fun game for them and to watch you run all over the house looking for it is fun times. But when you go to ask where it is, they have already forgotten where they hid it. Oh dear.

Kids Remote in Black teaches your child the love of TV and music in one device. Playing 45 different songs and educating them on new words, numbers and shapes. Listen to the quirky songs this thing sings out and it will make you and your child laugh together.

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Kids Remote: Black
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Kids Remote: Black
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