Kids Pink Laptop

Kids Pink Laptop is a must for any kid who loves pink and wants to be like a grown up. Learning through different programs on this computer will benefit any toddler or preschooler to help them prepare for kindergarten. A smart little entertainer for your smart little one.

Kids Pink Laptop is ideal for any kid who wants a computer jsut like their older siblings or parents. Filled with programs to teach your littlest one songs, numbers and letters with a cute little animated dog called Violet (pink model) or Scout (green model)

Both characters inside the laptop have adorable little voices that won’t drive you crazy when they are repeated over and over again. Easy to use together with your child or by themselves, Laptop is almost like the real thing. No more of those hyped up YouTubers screaming from the screen working your kids up into a frenzy, just relaxed learning for your kids anytime and anywhere.

No battles over power chargers in your house with this little toy because this one runs on 3 AAA batteries. None of that impatient waiting and disappointment in seeing a low power percentage when it feels like its been charging forever. Just batteries out and batteries in and presto! Off you go.

Kids Pink Laptop is a great little travelling toy to keep the younger ones quiet on plane or car trips. The max volume is loud enough for the kids to hear and not bother any other passengers, so there is the possibility of learning something everywhere you go on this little laptop. It has a carry handle so you child can carry it themselves. Such responsibility for a little person.

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