Kids Pink Alpha Tablet

Kids Pink Alpha Tablet is a fun toy and educational tool for your child to practice words, learn to spell, listen to music and read with. Featuring cartoon pictures on the keyboard, your child will want to press them all and slide the Smart Stages button to learn everything.

Kids Pink Alpha Tablet is your child’s first introduction to the world of tech and tablets. Teaching them first words, letters, animals and loads more with light up features that progress with your child’s abilities and age. Lots of fresh songs and phrases with each level will keep your kids interested in this educational tool. This toy will help them prepare for preschool and kindergarten before they are age ready. How fun.

Programmed with music and sound sot make your child laugh and increase their curiosity making them want to push all the buttons to see what happens. The three stages are input with the slide button and are guided by age ranges of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months. Because your child will be rather curious they may find that switch and do it all by themselves. Let them go and see what happens, they may be advanced for their age.

Kids Pink Alpha Tablet is light enough to carry around and small enough to fit into most bags for car or plane travel. Teach your child anywhere and anytime with these fun little cartoon buttons that match the first letter they are pictured with. Pictures of basic everyday words that your child will have fun learning how to say or listen too.

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