Kids First English eBook

Kids First English eBook is your young ones first introduction to the world of electronic tablets and computerised readers. Simple button pushing allow your child to learn loads of songs and different items with their names everywhere they go with this easy to carry ebook.

Kids First English eBook is a handy tool for your child to learn words, how to spell, songs and contains a quiz section too. The book is a handy preschoolers education tool to use with your child to give them the extra help before school startswith pages that are similar in design to the ones in the classroom. Get them familiar layout before they start school.

A slightly exaggerated book size which it makes it easy for your kid to hold on long trips and keeps them busy learning everywhere you go. Share the excitement with them as they get something right and this will encourage them to keep going. They will not want to stop learning with this book.

The pages in this book are laminated which allow for quick and easy wipe down of food and spillages. This book helps your child not just learn the ABC but also words, numbers, shapes, animals, vehicles, fruits and vegetables. The basic items that are around us everyday and you will soon find them pointing everything out and naming it.

Kids First English eBook is fun to use with its bright colours and cartoon images which will keep them interested. Packed with over a 100 melodies, 8 pages and 6 activities, this book is repeatable many times over and with different siblings or as a hand me down when you child has outgrown it.

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