Kids Convertible Computer

Kids Convertible Computer is fun and education all inside a little tablet or laptop design, whichever your child prefers. Listen to the emails, letters, colours, animals and songs that this little toy will spit out and watch your child absorb every little tidbit of knowledge.

Kids Convertible Computer can change between a tablet or laptop style interface and comes with an easy to carry handle. The computer has programmes to teach your child, numbers, colours, letters, music and messages which will make it fun to mimic the grown ups in the house when they use their own computers.

This toy can be taken anywhere just like real laptop and comes with a USB cable to update the programs and input your child’s name. It also has a touch screen like a real tablet and a keyboard like real laptop. Watch your child click the keys and tap away with the AI learning all the basic things that kids need to know.

Your child will feel so grown up and important when they whip out their own little computer in front of all the other kids and grown ups. A CEO of a major company in training perhaps or a world renowned author, who knows. Have fun finding out what comes out of the computer, sit with your child when you use yours and role play together.

Kids Convertible Computer is a fun toy to use as your child can send emails to other family members and hear their pre programmed replies. See the excitement in your child’s face when there is a new message from Grandpa or Grandma, Mum and Dad or anyone else they know.

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