Kids Computer Watch

Kids Computer Watch: Pink is an exercise, educational and entertainment tool for your child. See your child learn how to read 24 hour time, play games, exercise, take photographs and be useful around the home, yard or park.

Kids Computer Watch: Pink is fun to wear and fun to use. It looks just a grown ups smart watch but with a slightly larger screen and installed games. Keep your kids moving with the pedometer and give them the ability to take photos of whatever they like without filling up your phone with random weird images. No more guessing what the kids take a photo of.

This watch is USB chargeable and has the ability to extend its memory with the additional purchase of the matching SD card that can be installed in the back behind the battery. Now there is loads more space for more random pictures for them to try and guess what they shot that day and hear them giggle when they finally remember.

Watch your kids have fun playing the installed games on their watches and see who gets the highest score and with the pedometer the amount of steps at the end of each day and at the end of each week. The camera has an adjustable angle to try to get the best shot for your child. Maybe this feature will encourage your child to claim an interest in photography?

Kids Computer Watch: Pink comes with a torch app that will make hide and seek in the dark fun at home, looking for lost toys or monster under the bed hunting a breeze. Give them peace of mind at night time when they see there is nothing to worry about or extra light to read under the blanket at night waaaay past their bedtime.

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