Green Writing Tablet

Green Writing Tablet is for all skill levels and ages 3+ who want to learn to write. Following the lights with the pen and watch your letters being erased if repetitive fun for everyone. Learn all the letter formations for upper and lower case.

Green Writing Tablet teaches your child or anyone how to write lowercase and uppercase letters anytime and anywhere. Can fit easily into any bag when not in use but those moments will far and few between because kids love computerised toys.

It doesn’t matter if your little one is a lefty or a righty this tablet will teach them how to write onto the screen by following the lights with the attached pen. See the look of pride on your kdsi face when they run up to you and show you how well they traced the letters, how neatly they did it.

The inbuilt program has two levels of competency to teach your child as they improve their writing. Level one lets them write as carefully on their own over the top of the letters and level two will restart the letter if a mistake is made to encourage precision for more advanced users and ages.

If your child becomes frustrated, encourage them to go back to level one and use this device in cooperation with a blackboard or paper to practice offline. Once they have it down they will be so thrilled they will keep on going and be happy with their progress.

Green Writing Tablet is a toy for anyone no matter their writing level. Just the sheer joy of getting the lettering right will make your child and you very happy.

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