Circuit Builder 60 pieces

For the little person who loves to pull things apart to see how they work or try to improve them, this Circuit Builder 60 pieces with two books of projects will keep them safe. A good start for your little mechanic or scientist. Will they be the next Tesla?

Circuit Builder 60 Pieces is a brightly colored educational toy for any kid who wants to know how the most useful items in the house work. For example lights and their switches, toasters and their very own battery operated toys. It has a book that is simple to follow with lots more projects to complete. If your child already owns the 30 piece set then this will be a great compliment to that kit.

This isn’t just for the budding scientist in your home but also the mechanic too. Your child can learn to repair their own toys and their siblings toys too. As they get older they may even learn how to repair the family car, imagine the money you will save when they can repair any car in the family. Mechanics not only repair regular cars but trucks too, even the massive mining vehicles that are bigger and taller than most houses.

So a good start for a kid that likes to pull electricals apart and put them together will love this Circuit Builder with 60 colorful parts and two books with over 300 easy to build projects. They can make little projects all day and maybe learn to invent a few of their own, maybe some of them will become permanent features in the home that could help make life easier. Perhaps your little mechanic could improve some of the appliances at home? Give it to them and see what happens.

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