Circuit Builder 30 pieces

Whether your child is destined to be the next Albert Einstein, Howard Wolowitz or Dr Frankenstien this Circuit Builder Kit is the best start you can give them. Start them on a career of a lifetime.

Circuit Builder 30 Pieces is a great educational toy for any child who has an interest in science involving electricity. It shows how simple connections of wires, a power source and switches can make simple things work. It is a basic introduction on how everyday items around the home work like lights, appliances and battery run toys.

If your kid wants to be the next Dr Frankenstein or make realistic robots in the future to help you around the home then this is the starter kit to get. Watch the little one zoom off to their room as soon as they open it and later with a circuit they made themselves.

Teaching your child how to use this kit could make getting up in the morning so much easier when you both put together the Alarm Clock circuit. Or they can use it as part of their science project at the school Science Fair.

This is the toy to get if you would like your child to attend advanced scientific universities like MIT and quite possibly build the rockets (or part of) that go to the moon. Your child could be so advanced that colonization on Mars may come sooner than we all think thanks to you giving them this circuit board as a gift.

Grown ups like you, we thank you for your contribution to our little scientists of today because they will be the ones that help the human race in the future. We salute you both. *salute*

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